Spread your wings and learn how to fly

DIY kits for paper crafters

Mesh&Craft is a low poly design studio creating paper sculptures with fine papers in different colors and textures

Hundreds of polygons conveniently folded and assembled create 3d models with an aesthetic value for your home design. representing a real element of design furniture. But assembling a sculpture is also an opportunity to have fun testing yourself in the construction.

Why polygonal sculptures?

Because "the less is more" and a subject represented in a "geometric-polygonal" manner has an aesthetic value to such an extent as to represent a piece of furniture. The minimalist design of the various subjects, mostly animals, on the one hand simplifies the forms but at the same time highlights their peculiar aspects.

An innovative way to furnish your home

The sculptures are all made with precious papers of different brands and with different textures, all eco-friendly and without toxic chemical additives.

Here you can find only DIY kit but if you want an assembled sculpture you only have to contact us.